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The study of the piano lays the foundation of a lifetime of music appreciation and self-expression.
Regular practice, like regular homework, is essential for consistent progress and a feeling of accomplishment.
Here are some important guidelines for parents to follow:

  • Encourage your child to practice each assigned piece 5 times at least 4 days a week.
    This would result in an average practice time of:
    6-7 years: 15-20 min. each day
    8- 9 years: 20-30 min. each day
    9-12 years: 30-45 min. each day
    Over 12 years: 45-60 min. or more

  • Schedule a regular practice time without interruptions.

  • Be physically present for elementary aged children during their practice.

  • Be encouraging.

  • Attend all recitals.

  • Take your child to hear other pianists perform.

Study Tools

Students are expected to have access to a piano at least 4 times a week. An acoustic piano is preferable and should be equipped with a flat bench and good lighting. An electric keyboard is not recommended after 2 years of lessons.

Students need a 3-ring binder (1 inch or so) that is to be just for piano lessons. Assignment pages (and other information) will be placed in it each week and there will be a place for recording practice information. For young students this is making a check each time the piece is played. For older students this is for recording the time spent practicing each piece.

A tote bag is recommended to keep the music books and binder in.

Experienced students need to own a metronome.

Instructing students of all ages in Southwest Michigan, and world-wide via Zoom.

Contact Information:
240-620-2722 (cell)
David.EideAltman (at) gmail.com (email)
Studio location:
2410 Bluff Street, Niles, MI 49120

last modified January 10, 2021